Photo Innovation

Definition of innovate: make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

How about Photography and photos? They have lots of different innovations. From the days of bid four legged cameras, to the disposable camera with film, to digital cmaers, to sports action cameras, big lens cameras and compact cameras on phones and other devices. Where do they go next from here?

Even the way of taking photos, hold steady say cheese, to long laps shots, panorama shots, ‘selfies’ and many more, it just continues to develop and become innovated in new ways of capturing.

Then comes prices and the changes within them. With the new digital world advancing, the only cost comes at purchasing a camera now, with everything accessible online and Unfortunately places like Kodak have closed down because of them. But are the prices too high for the device? or what about when you are hiring someone to do it for you.

Professional photography and playful photography such as photo booths (see more) com with additional expenses and are a sole one of, yet as part of the cost you pay for the equipment as well as the experience, and time of another.

Much can go into the prospecting idea of photography, how it was created, where it is going to go next and what else is to come. Will things change or stay the same, only time will tell.