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Computer Jargon Untangled


Ah computer lingo. It’s sometimes tough to understand and if you’re not computer savvy you may be left wondering what on earth they are saying. For instance, what is a walled garden? Is it a literal garden surrounded by a wall like in the olden days? Is it the stuff of Jane Austen? No, a walled garden in computer terms means a group of pages linked to each other but not linked to by other pages. So they’re stand alone. This seems a bit weird since the whole point is to link to other pages, these do not. Sadly, this tactic doesn’t fly and they will likely have a lower page rank than regular sites.


Time on page refers to, oddly enough, the time a person spends on a certain webpage. Go figure! The time is calculated from when someone clicks on to when they click off. The longer they spend on a page the better as this usually means they have found what they are looking for and are reading the information. If they click on and then immediately if you have work to do on your site (or they landed there by accident).


By comparison, the bounce rate is the percentage of users who enter and then leave a site without looking at any of the pages. Were they there by accident or did your site bore them to tears so they took off for the hills?


The sitemap is something we all love to use on websites, especially those that are built correctly. This simply means that you can easily find what you are looking for by clicking links to other things on the site. Saves us time and if we are redirected quickly, we will be far happier than having to wait around for the new page.


An e-commerce site is one that is devoted to retail sales so it will have handy links, a built-in shopping basket and hopefully an easy to use checkout system so that we can get our stuff and go.


Finally, latent systematic indexing. This is when search engines index commonly associated words in a document. These are also called long tail searches, and it helps us users find what we are looking for faster and without a lot of unnecessary clicks.


Search engines are there to help us with our searches so keep them happy with your own website and you’ll be good to go!

What is Innovation?

What is Innovation?

Click on this link here and find out, or watch the movie below

Fracture no more

I am fortunately fracture free after six weeks and boy can I tell you, I came up with some innovative ways to continue my living to its fullest. Not settling for less than I had to I perceived and used my body mentally and physically in different ways to produce the same results, and it was all worth it.

I got by with no troubles and was never stuck needing helped. IT also taught me perseverance and not giving up. Because in the end you get the reward, and I think that’s where the innovative ideas that succeed stem from

Hello world!

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Go Pro

How innovative are go pros seriously? They are mobile cameras that can be used for practically anything, whether on top of the swiss alps heading down snowboarding, surfing, swimming, motorbike riding taking shots of scenery or anything else you can think of.

They are amazing, capturing super hi quality video and photography shots all whilst being small, lightweight waterproof and resilient to lots of thing.

Perhaps you want to buy some attachment to make it even more versatile and use in all sorts of situations.

Whether they be additional mounts, additional batteries, floating back doors and so much more

From the times of throw away cameras we now have these revolutionised innovative pieces of technology that are truly great in showcasing and capturing magic , adventure and events in the world.

People use them to share, to live and to laugh. A great investment indeed if you have purchased yourself one for you can take them anywhere and use them accordingly.

I myself have one and love it. Whenever im out on my bike, out hiking or even catching up with friends a go pro is perfect to capture it all on film. With a low price ticket to suit it just makes it even better.

What becomes even more innovative is when they bring out newer models which simply become better than the last with more features capabilities and a whole lot more bang for your buck.

Thinking of getting a camera? consider a go pro you can’t go wrong.


Now this is a sport that is innovative. Just look at the bikes and what they are doing…. WOW

Such a spectacular, I was privileged to watch the Australian National X trial Series over the weekend in Perth Western Australia. Jump on the X trial page on Facebook and check it out!

Photo Innovation

Definition of innovate: make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

How about Photography and photos? They have lots of different innovations. From the days of bid four legged cameras, to the disposable camera with film, to digital cmaers, to sports action cameras, big lens cameras and compact cameras on phones and other devices. Where do they go next from here?

Even the way of taking photos, hold steady say cheese, to long laps shots, panorama shots, ‘selfies’ and many more, it just continues to develop and become innovated in new ways of capturing.

Then comes prices and the changes within them. With the new digital world advancing, the only cost comes at purchasing a camera now, with everything accessible online and Unfortunately places like Kodak have closed down because of them. But are the prices too high for the device? or what about when you are hiring someone to do it for you.

Professional photography and playful photography such as photo booths (see more) com with additional expenses and are a sole one of, yet as part of the cost you pay for the equipment as well as the experience, and time of another.

Much can go into the prospecting idea of photography, how it was created, where it is going to go next and what else is to come. Will things change or stay the same, only time will tell.

A little introduction

Welcome to my blog, by yours truly Collin.

Stay with me as i get creative, discover new ideas and things in the world, and express my opinions and reviews on innovative and useful ideas and products of the world.